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Merrell men's fashion is the ideal solution for any man that loves spending time in the great outdoors. Merrell for men is a very versatile and sprawling collection that includes everything from casual walking trainers through to professional grade hiking boots, many of which have been inspired by nature itself. The brand is famous for its standout features that put them heads and tails ahead of the competition, with an intense grip for accident-free scrambles, soft cushioning to reduce trail impact, oversized tongues to minimise in-shoe debris, and breathable, lightweight mesh panels that boost comfort and prevent bad odours. Even on the hottest of days. Discover more of these impressive features in Zalando's online shop.

Merrell men's fashion incorporating the latest technology

Merrell for men is renowned for its use of cutting edge technologies that make walking and hiking outdoors safer, easier, and more comfortable than ever before, without taking away from the excitement and adrenaline of a challenging climb. Merrell for men casual walking shoes and professional hiking boots boast MSelect FRESH technology, which increases freshness and improves hygiene, TrailProtect technology that offers advanced protection to the foot on uneven pathways, and MegaGrip technology that helps you to stay surefooted, even when scrambling across rocks and stones. Merrell are even hitting headlines for their vegan-friendly footwear that makes use of materials such as flexible rubber, breathable mesh, and moulded nylon rather than traditional leather features. With Merrell men's footwear available through Zalando's online shop, you can easily ensure you remain environmentally conscious and animal friendly, even when you're on the top of a mountain.

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